It’s Showtime Contestant Charito Miguel Falls Off Stage (Video)

Charito Miguel, one of the contestant of “Stars on 45,” one of the most popular segment of the top-rating noontime TV show, It’s Showtime, accidentally falls off stage during the segment which was aired on Wednesday, July 2, 2014.

The Stars on 45 contestant Charito Miguel fell during her own performance of the famous hit song of Pussycat Dolls titled “Buttons.”

Watch the video of Charito Miguel’s Performance Video:

The 58-year-old contestant of the noontime show segment, was a former member fo the Sangkatutak band, composed of veteran signers such as Richard Merck and Ivy Violan.

In an interview after Charito Miguel’s performance, Charito Miguel assured the hosts of It’s Showtime taht was not hurt during the incident. She even joked that she lost her balance because of her new shoes.

Although Charito Miguel fell during her performance but her remarkable showmanship already captured the judges’ attention and won the Wednesday’s edition of “Stars on 45.” She got a total score of 9.7 from judges composed of veteran singers Vernie Varga, Jay-R, and It’s Showtime co-host Karylle.

The segment “Stars on 45” is one of the highly anticipated segment of It’s Showtime featuring stars who are already 45 years or older showcasing their talents on noontime television.

It's Showtime Falls off Stage

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