Nichole Baranda Hints Relationship Status with Manolo Pedrosa

The newly evicted PBB housemate, Nichole Baranda, hinted about her relationship status with fellow housemate, Manolo Pedrosa, during an interview with PBB All In Uber on Monday, June 30, 2014. Nichole Baranda is one of the celebrity teen housemate and the daughter of prominent TV personality Phoemela Baranda.

Nichole Baranda Manolo

In an interview with PBB All In Uber episode, the 15-year-old Nichole Baranda noted that she misses all her fellow housemates although she was just evicted on Saturday. According to the daughter of Phoemela Baranda, she plans to meet one of her fellow housemates which was identified as Manolo Pedrosa.

Nichole Baranda admitted during the interview with PBB hosts that she and Manolo Pedrosa is currently in the “getting to know each other” stage. When the celebrity teen housemate was asked by the host if the 16-year-old Manolo Pedrosa has a chance to win her heart, Nichole just replied with a laugh and stated that “Di pa ba halata?” she answered.

Aside from hinting Nichole’s relationship with Manolo Pedrosa, the former teen housemate also gave a message to the twin housemates Fourth and Fifth Pagotan to be strong like a turtle inside the house, after she learned that the siblings has an issue with each other.

Aside from Nichole Baranda’s advice to Fourth and Fifth Pagotan, the twin Fourth and Fifth received a message from their mother, Gloria Sato who is currently in Japan via Skype. According to the mother of the twin, she wished that the siblings will become closer to each other.

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  1. bagay na bagay talaga si nichole at manolo….. jejejeje….but wag mo na kasi mga teens pa kayo… kilalanin nyu muna ang isat isa…


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