Vickie Rushton Reveals Almost Breaking Up with Jason Abalos

PBB housemate Vickie Rushton whose current boyfriend is Kapamilya actor Jason Abalos revealed during the Friday’s episode of PBB All In that she and Jason Abalos almost broke up several times during the time when she was not part of the famous PBB house.

Vickie Rushton

According to the 21-year-old Vickie Rushton although she tried her best to convince Jason to end their relationship but the actor did not allow it to happen. She was quoted as saying “”Ilang beses na kami muntik mag ganyan (gestures cross with fingers), ha. Pero sinusubukan ko. Gano’n din ‘yung dahilan, dahil ayaw niya [makipaghiwalay],” Vickie revealed.

The revelation of the former Mutya ng Pilipinas 2011 winner, Vickie Rushton was caught on camera during the Friday’s episode of PBB during her conversation with fellow housemate Fourth Pagotan and guest housemate Cheridel Alejandrino.

During the conversation, Vickie revealed that she still loves Jason Abalos but she appeared hesitant when asked by Fourth whether she is still happy with her romantic relationship with the “Dyesebel” actor who played the role of Bukaw, Jason Abalos.

Vickie Rushton revealed further that there are instances when she and former housemate Michele Gumabao compared her current relationship with Jason to other guys especially on Jason Abalos’ way of handling their relationship.

The “Lady Mahinhin ng Bacolod” Vickie Rushton lament during the Thursday’s episode of PBB All In, that her boyfriend Jason was exerting less effort on their relationship, revealing some problems of their romantic relationship.

Fourth Pagotan and Cheridel Alejandrino tried to counsel and gave some advice to Vickie Rushton’s relationship with Jason Abalos. Aside from giving advice, the two also hinted the effort made by Daniel Matsunaga to please the former beauty queen and current housemate Vickie Ruston.

Watch the full conversation video of the Vickie, Fourth and Cheridel.

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