Kim Chiu vs. Julia Montes Confrontation Video Went Viral

Kapamilya stars Kim Chiu and Julia Montes was involved in a heated confrontation in one scene of the top-rating series “Ikaw Lamang.” The episode which was aired on Wednesday, June 25, 2014 went viral online as the topic conquered the Twitter trending topics worldwide. Julia Montes played the role of Mona while Kim Chiu played the role of Isabel.

Watch the confrontation video of Kim Chiu & Julia Montes:

Julia Montes (Mona) accused Kim Chiu (Isabel) of carrying the baby of Samuel, the role portrayed by Indie-film actor Coco Martin, one of the most popular actor in Philippine TV right now.

Isabel was offended with Mona’s accusation therefore she slaps Mona, but Mona pushes her rival back before they were restrained by their respective families led by Samuel, the man who is involved with both Mona and Isabel.

During the confrontation, Isabel told Mona to have Samuel tied at her so that her suspicions will cast away, however Mona was really convinced that Isabel had been seducing her husband.

Samuel charges Franco (Jake Cuenca) furiously and warn him against planting doubts in Mona’s mind. Samuel was then stopped by Tirso Cruz III before the confrontation became worst.

Ikaw Lamang

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