One Direction Confirmed Visit to Manila in March 2015 (Video)

One of the world’s most popular boy band, the English-Irish group, One Direction is scheduled to visit Manila this coming March 2014 as confirmed by an exclusive video obtained by The announcement and confirmation were made by no less than the “One Direction” themselves.

Watch the video of One Direction Confirming Their Visit to Manila in March 2015:

Here’s the transcript of One Direction Video:

“Hello, Manila, we’re One Direction and we got some great news for you,” said Niall Horan who spoke first.

“We’re coming to Manila on March the 21st,” added Zayn Malik.

“We think we’ll see you there,” Liam Payne followed.

“See you then,” Horan concluded.

The first original video obtained by Interaksyon was already taken down and no longer available but some One Direction fanatics was able to make a copy of the said video and uploaded it again on YouTube. The video above could be taken down anytime soon.

Based upon the video invitation of One Direction, only Louis Tomlinson and heartthrob Harry Styles, two of the most popular One Direction member did not speak during the invitation.

One Direction confirmed through their video invitation that MMI Live, will bring them to the Philippines for a rare visit. MMI Live is the same group that brought international singing sensation to the Manila for the past few years, such as David Guetta, The Killers, and Bruno Mars who visited the country and performed for the Filipino fans.

According to Interaksyon, given that MMI Live and its CEO Rhiza Pascual tweeted that the original May 7 announcement of the highly anticipated visit of One Direction to the country will be moved on to May 19, 2014 at 8:00 AM, the video is not supposed to be made public until the date specified.

The official website of MMI Live does not include any indication of a One Diretion concert in Manila, suggesting that all details of 1D’s Philippine concert this coming March 21, 2015 will be made available to the public only on May 19, 2014.

One Direction is arguably the world’s biggest musical group of our time, as the group was proclaimed as “Top New Artist” by Billboard Magazine in 2012. The group’s latest album titled “Midnight Memories” in 2013 continued its dominance in the world musical scene.

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