Kuya Revealed The Reasons Why Alex is Inside the PBB House

Big Brother (Kuya) revealed the real reason why Alex Gonzaga was included in the list of housemates introduced by the country’s top-rating reality show during the grand opening last Sunday, April 27, 2014. Kuya called on Alex in the confession room Saturday’s episode of the show and revealed her reason of staying inside the PBB house.

Alex Gonzaga confession room

According to Big Brother, Alex Gonzaga will play the role of a celebrity house guest only and not as a real housemate. Although Kuya already revealed the role of Alex Gonzaga inside the PBB house, he noted that Alex should never tell the housemates about her secret.

Aside from revealing the real reason why Alex Gonzaga was included earlier in the official list of housemates, Kuya also asked Alex Gonzaga to accomplish tasks. Alex Gonzaga was given a task by Kuya before she be released to the outside world.

The first task of the 26-year-old Alex Gonzaga: She will have a talk show inside the PBB All In house through the pictures of housemates that Big Brother will show her in the coming days.

The in-charge of the PBB house, Kuya wished Alex Gonzaga good luck not only on her task but also on not revealing her real secret and the main reason why she is staying inside the PBB house.

During the earlier episode of PBB, Kuya noted that all of the host had already experienced the life of a housemate, and it was only Alex Gonzaga who has no experience, so this season she was given a chance to showcase what she can do inside the house before she will start her journey as one of the co-host of the country’s most popular reality competition.

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