Cedric Lee Denies Involvement with Roxanne Cabañero Acosta

Cedric Lee denies the allegations made by Vhong Navarro’s lawyer, Atty. Alma Mallonga that he is involved with Roxanne Cabañero Acosta, the former Bb. Pilipinas candidate who filed a case against the host actor.

Roxanne Cabañero

During the Aquino and Abunda Tonight interview on February 19, Vhong Navarro’s lawyer thought that Cedric Lee in involved with Roxanne Cabañero’s coming out to the public.

Atty. Alma Mallonga, was quoted as saying “Some weeks ago, Cedric has already been saying that he’s been talking to some women, and I understand that his lawyer also said na mayroon silang pasabog.” she said.

Meanwhile in a text message sent by Cedric Lee to the managing editor of Pep.Ph on February 20, 2014, the businessman denied the allegations made by Vhong Navarro’s lawyer on his alleged involvement with Roxanne Cabañero Acosta.

Cedric Lee added further that because of the recent news that Roxanne filed a case against Navarro he will try to convince his lawyer to talk Roxanne Cabanero’s camp for their case.

The businessman was quoted as saying “I don’t know Roxanne.” “But since we found out now thru the news that she’s also a victim of that rapist Vhong, then we’ll ask our lawyers to try to get to know their lawyers, so maybe we can work together and support each other.” Cedric said.

Cedric Lee noted further that “There’s nothing wrong with that. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” he said.

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