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Denise Millet Cornejo Summoned by NBI

Denise Millet Cornejo Summoned by NBI

The case of “It’s Showtime” host-comedian Vhong Navarro was now under stormed in every social media sites to which he was beaten by six to seven members of men inside the condominium of Fort Bonifacio Taguig last January 22, 2014 as he was invited by one of his friend named Denise Millet Cornejo.

In regard with this tremendous and tragic incident faced by Vhong Navarro who was severely damage during that time, the NBI- National Capital Region (NBI-NCR) do take action for this as the NBI Director Virgilio Mendez  said via text message on Sunday, “The NBI has already started its investigation several days ago.”

Meanwhile, the NBI is also expecting for model and actress Denise Millet Cornejo to arrive this day (January 27, 2011) to hear her side in regard with the allege R***, as she stated that Vhong Navarro took advantage on her, based on the blotter report she filed to Southern Police District, which took place in her own condo unit.

However, the NBI is also expecting to hear from the allege primary suspect with her rumored girlfriend Denise Millet Cornejo as the mastermind for beating Vhong Navarro to reveal the story behind this issue.

Since the truth isn’t reveal yet, we will give update to this article the moment we gather those information.

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  • John January 27, 2014, 9:19 pm

    The girl doesn’t sound or looked traumatized by the event at the Condominium. That’s weird.Everybody should get a lie detector test and get all possible witness including unit condo neighbors, security. Cedric and all that are involve should cooperate. It doesn’t mean that when someone is rich, they are righteous. There is always good and bad to everyone.

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