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Iran: Archaeologists Discovered 5 Meters Tall Human Skeletons (Photo)

After the snake girl from Thailand named Mai Li Fay leaked online, here’s the other photo showed by the russian archeologists working on a dig site in western Iran which they discovered a 5 meter high skeleton that lived over decades.

Scientist who discovered this one of a kind object, never reveal yet whether these were the remains of excessively gigantic and over sized homo sapiens, or the first specimens ever discovered of a brand new species of proto-humans that could have coexisted with our ancestors.

The professor of Archaeology and Paleoanthropology Andrei Asimov from the University of St. Petersburg and researcher in charge of the excavation site, explained that this discovery could explain many stories that were until now dismissed by historians as simply mythological.

In an interview he said, “This means that Goliath and his fellow warriors from the mythical city of Gath could really have been more than 3 meters tall.” “This also means that many different people over a long period of time could have encountered real existing giants and passed down stories about them to their descendants. We’ll definitely have to review of conception of history as it is and accept that many legends just might be real!”

Iran Archaeologists Discovered 5 Meters Tall Skeleton (Photo)

In regard with this image posted, some of the netizens believed that this is again a great work of photoshop, however, other’s also believed that this 5 meter tall human remains is real.

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