Santa Claus Other Names in Europe

Little children every Christmas Season believed and always awaits for Santa Claus to arrive in their town, expecting that along with him is his reindeer and different gifts that will be given to them, but as a general question by some, Who’s behind him? Is Santa Claus real? What are Santa Claus other names?

Those three questions at the top will be answered as you read this article, saying that aside from the famous name of Santa Claus, his name varied in countries all over the world such as Christmas Man, Daddy Christmas, Grandfather Frost, Yule Man, Yule Elder, Yule Gnome, Yule Goat, Father Christmas, Old Man Christmas, Biblical Magi, Christ Child, Christmas Log, Saint Nicholas, Grandfather Winter, Snow Grandfather, Grandfather Christmas, “Time of Good Ones,” and Christmas Brother.

In regard with this, here’s the map popularized on Reddit, to where it shows the different names of the person who brings and gives gifts to countries around Europe.

Santa Claus Other Names in Europe

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Though others didn’t believe that Santa Claus exist, however because of his gifts which depicted as a sign of giving, people will be reminded that the desire to give is the real joy which will be offered to others.

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