People Behind Bantayan Back to Sea Project

The Bantayan Back to Sea Project is a manifestation that the private sector, businesses, Local Government Units and the communities affected by one of the worst super typhoon that hits Bantayan Island could work hand in hand on rehabilitation and re-building efforts for the common good of every Bantayanon.

According to Mr. Allan Monreal, one of the key leaders in the “Bayanihan Project” in Bantayan, the organization behind the “Bantayan Back to Sea Project” is the Bantayan Island (–foul word(s) removed–)ociation of Hotels, Resorts, Bars and Restaurants.

The project in Bantayan Island could be use as a role model in other provinces, municipalities and islands affected by super typhoon Yolanda. For more information about the people behind “Bantayan Back To Sea Project” just read their official statement taken from their Facebook Page.

Back to Sea Profile

Here’s the official statement of Bantayan Back To Sea Project:

In the interest of transparency and requests for more information about the details of the organization behind the Bantayan Back to Sea Project, we are posting here information about the group that initiated it – the Bantayan Island (–foul word(s) removed–)ociation of Hotels, Resorts, Bars and Restaurants.

The (–foul word(s) removed–)ociation is a SEC registered non-stock, non-profit organization existing since 2003. It has been promoting sustainable development of the island’s tourism industry and is actively involved in community work.

Prior to Yolanda, our latest achievement was initiating a Tourism Value Chain (–foul word(s) removed–)sment wherein through the support of the Cebu Provincial Government, we were able to gather stakeholders and 3 LGUs (Madridejos, Santa Fe, Bantayan) of the island in one room and work for a Bantayan Island Tourism Roadmap.

This is a first wherein the private sector took it upon itself to lead the way to sustainable development.

Post-Yolanda, we initiated a multi-sectoral meeting between the Landbank and Philippine Crop Insurance. This was attended by fishermen, farmers and poultry and hog raisers.

Currently, being united and organized, we were able to secure a group loan for our members in need of funds for their rehabilitation. Had we not been organized it would have been individual loan applications. We have been granted a P50M credit line.

Although also busy cleaning up and rebuilding our businesses, we all agreed that we should help our community. We are cognizant of the fact that the tourism industry can only truly recover when our communities have recovered too. It is a package deal. We operate under the dictum that Bantayan Island is not just a business for us, it is also our home!

We have 20 members and here are our officers:

1. President – Allan Monreal, Bantayan Island Nature Park and Resort

2. Vice-President – Janeth Holaysan, Sta. Fe Beach Club/Ogtong Cave Resort

3. Secretary – Joan Nepangue, Beach Placid Resort

4. Treasurer – Maia Becker, Maia’s Beach Resort

5. Auditor – Agnes Gilbuena, Mabuhay Balikbayan Restaurant

6. PRO – Bernadeth Yagui, Yoonek Beach Resort

For more info, please check Bantayan Island (–foul word(s) removed–)ociation FB page.

A prime mover, a fellow volunteer, is Johanna Michelle Lim. She is the Admin of the Bantayan Back to Sea Project FB Page and is based in Cebu. She handles inquiries, does fund raising and meets with donors and supporters.

For more info on her, please check her FB page.

Allan Monreal, on the other hand, along with a trusted employee who is now on the payroll of the Project, Lucky Baulita, does the legwork in the island.

We hope to get more people to do the outreach and enroll barangays in the project, consultations and (–foul word(s) removed–)sments, validation of beneficiaries and doing research. Many are called but few are chosen, lesser still those who stay. Our resort, Bantayan Island Nature Park and Resort, provided us with an office so we can do the Admin work,

We hope that these information will somehow shed light and (–foul word(s) removed–)ure our donors and supporters that this indeed is a legit and a noble cause.

Johanna Michelle Lim and Allan Monreal will meet in the island on Saturday to discuss on how to improve what we are doing to ensure transparency and accountability, increase efficiency and maximize benefits.

For any suggestions, please feel free to pitch in, after all this is all OUR project. We are all in this together!

Statement Courtesy of Bantayan Back to Sea Project.

How to Donate for Back to Sea Project:

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