Felicitas Garcia’s “Wrecking Ball” Performance Video on “It’s Showtime”

One of the newest segment of the top-rating noon-time show, “It’s Showtime” is the “Stars on 45” which features ordinary Filipinos showcasing their talents on noontime TV. In one of it’s episode of the segment, a certain contestant named Felicitas Garcia made her own rendition of “Wrecking Ball.”

Watch the performance video of Felicitas Garcia:

The performance of the 53-year-old Felicitas Garcia drew strong cheers among the live audience of It’s Showtime aside from getting a near perfect score from the judges.

The “Stars of 45” contestant hails from Pasig City, was one of the first contestant of the daily segment which was launched earlier this week. The segment will be held daily, featuring two singers who must perform a tune from their preferred era of music, and another song which is currently popular.

The performance of Felicitas Garcia is one of the most popular among netizens who watched the show. On her first song, she performed the old song favorite popularized by Linda Ronsdadt titled, “Blue Bayou.”

The 53-year-old singer changed outfits midway through her performance which caught the attention of the audience as they cheered on when she started belting out “Wrecking Ball” one of the most popular song that dominated international charts for the past few months.

After the performance of Felicitas Garcia she got an averaged score of 9.6 from judges Karylle, Arnel Pineda and Joy Viado. She went on to become the first winner of Stars on 45.

Felicitas Garcia

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