Janet Napoles Denies Setting Up Fake NGO’s on Senate Hearing (Video)

The alleged mastermind of the pork barrel controversy, Janet Lim Napoles, denied setting up fake non-government organizations that allegedly received billions of pesos in pork barrel funds.

Watch the video of Janet Napoles Denying Setting Up Fake NGO’s:

During her testimony Napoles confirmed that the key whistle-blower Benhur Luy is her employee and relative, and Benhur Luy’s mother, Gertrudes, used to take care of her kids.

The 49-year-old Janet Lim-Napoles also confirmed that other whistle-blowers Merlina Suñas, Marina Sula and Arlene Baltazar have worked with JLN Corporation.

Janet Napoles denied ordering Benhur Luy and Marina Sula to set up at least 20 NGOs that alleged received priority development (–foul word(s) removed–)istance funds. Napoles confirmed setting up one NGO, the Magdalena Luy Lim Foundation for Divine Mercy, which she used for her outreach program.

Benhur Luy, however, said Napoles was lying. “Sir, nagsisinungaling po siya. Totoo po yun,” he said. Janet Lim Napoles also denied funneling pork funds into the pockets of lawmakers.


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