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Each country has its own culture and tradition that make them stand out from the others. Like in the Philippines, our food customs sometimes define us from the rest of the pack. To cite an example, a customary greeting in other nations would comprise “Hi! How are you?” Not in PH though. Regardless of the time of the day or location, whether you visit a friend on her house or you happen to meet a colleague at the mall, you tend to be welcomed with the words – “Have you eaten yet?” (“Kumain ka na?”)

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What Makes Filipinos Different When It Comes To Eating Habits

Learn some of the eating habits that make Pinoys different. Here are five (5) of them.

  1. We eat more than three times a day. Aside from usual breakfast, lunch, and dinner, we have morning snacks or Segundo Almuerzo (second breakfast) which is normally done around 10 to 10:30 in the morning and merienda (mid-afternoon snack time) between 3 to 4pm. Others have pica-pica and pulutan moments too. This tradition can be credited back to the people who live in the rural areas where the day usually starts at 4am and the need to grab a bite several times during the day is essential.
  2. We love rice. Philippine food is not complete without this ingredient. It does not matter if the dish is full of carbs already, has noodles (like pancit and sometimes spaghetti) or soup on it, this staple is almost a requirement in all major meals.
  3. We like condiments. We are fond of dipping on or pairing anything with our dishes. Soy sauce (with lemon or calamansi juice), fish sauce (patis), catsup and bagoong or alamang (shrimp paste). Some even maximize the use of gravy (in KFC) and turn it into sabaw (soup) poured on rice!
  4. We eat with our hands. Ever heard of the saying “You are not a true Filipino unless you learn how to eat with your hands”? It has already been part of our culture and stems back to the early times when we could not afford to buy spoon and fork. Now, it comes out of tradition especially if local cuisine is served or if the meal is presented in banana leaves.
  5. We are great advocates of fiestas. Each city or barrio has at least one fiesta to celebrate. If you live in the Philippines, you can not stay in a place for at least a year without attending a fiesta or two. Pinoys usually stack as much as they can on one plate – Menudo, Embutido, Fruit Salad and Leche Flan. We also love meat during these times.
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  • Mchelle May 13, 2017, 4:33 pm

    Hi Jeric, I like the blog you wrote about Filipinos eating habit. Very interesting! I would like to learn more about the Filipino culture and how their eating habits and/or food selection influence or affect their health?

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