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Eggrollin’: Pinoy Food Truck Brought Lumpia and Halo-Halo in Utah (Video)

From the land of Provo, Utah stands the first Pinoy Food Truck, Eggrollin’, which started its business on the streets for two weeks already selling Filipino foods.


According to the owner and the chef of the food truck, Rojo Castillo, many people in Provo are waiting for Filipino food to arrive and they really crave for it. Castillo claims that he only brings his food truck on the streets so that many can eat the Pinoy foods that he sells.

“Got Lumpia?” is the phrase written on the red trailer of the chef and it is located at 800 North and 500 West. That simple phrase is the one responsible why the trailer attracts many customers.

His business specializes in making lumpia, but aside from that, he also sells other Filipino delicacies like Adobong Manok, Pancit Bihon, and Halo-Halo.

Customers like Tyler McArthur said that the he thought of trying it out first, but he never expects that the ‘lumpia’ is a super high quality food when he tasted it. Another customer also whose name is Hannah Camit said that all the Filipino food that the owner sells are all super yummy and has a great deal because she can get many of them.

The chef said that his business started first when he decided to sell lumpia on the road by setting up a camp stove near his house. After that, in a couple of hours, all of the lumpias that he cooked were all sold out. Three weeks after, he started to add 50 for his inventory but again all his products were sold out.

That is when Castillo started to upgrade his business and decided to make a trailer, get his license for food service, and made many friends for his business. He loves the results of his business right now and  aside from that, he loves to cook and is happy for his satisfied customers. It’s his passion.

He added that if ever his red restaurant continues to give progressive results, he will make another two trailers and open it also for business. He will paint the first one in yellow and the other in blue.

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