Mutya Datul Wins Miss Supranational Personality 2013 Special Award

The Philippines representative to Miss Supranational 2013, Mutya Johanna Datul, was awarded with one of the special awards in the competition, the Miss Supranational Personality sash.

Mutya Datul

Mutya Datul: Winner Miss Supranational Personality 2013 

According to Miss Supranational, a total of four special awards were handed out during an official pre-pageant activity of Miss Supranational 2013 at the National Beauty School in Minsk.

During the voting phase of Miss Supranational Personality 2013, the voting was very close between Mutya Datula and Miss Myanmar but in eventually, Miss Philippines garnered the award for her spectacular poise during the individual presentations, swimsuit and the evening gowns.

Other awardees during the early stage of competition are Sally Lindgren of Sweden for Miss Supranational Elegance, Valeria Donu of Moldova for Miss Supranational Top Model and Desiree del Rio of Puerto Rico for Miss Supranational Photogenic.

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