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Mutya ng Pilipinas 2013 Question & Answer Portion (Q & A)

Here’ the Question and Answer Portion of the Mutya ng Pilipinas 2013 Finalists.

Mutya ng Pilipinas Q & A

Question for Asdis Karlsdottir: What moment in your life has molded you?
Asdis’ answer: The way my family raised me. They taught me to be warm, kind and hospitable

Question for Nazita Reyhanian: Do you believe that Filipino women are now at par with Filipino men?
Answer of Mutya 31: Doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman. You shouldn’t base it on age, gender and ethnicity. I believe that everyone is equal.

Question for Angeli Dione Gomez: What can Western women learn from Filipinas?
Angeli’s answer: Western women can learn our virtues and culture

Question for Maureen Ann Montagne: Aside from being beautiful, what makes the Filipina stand out in international pageants!
Answer of Mutya 13: The Filipino determination really does help. A good heart, determination, a beautiful soul.

Question for Catherine Denise Trivino: Do we need more laws more protection of women in the Philippines?
Answer of Mutya 20: We need more laws. I very much appreciate the support for the RH Bill.

Question for Joselle Mariano: As a young Pinay, what should you prioritize?
Joselle’s answer: I would prioritize my studies because it helps you compete in pageants with pride and dignity

Question for Zandra Flores: Aside from beauty tourism, what other causes would you like to support?
Answer of Mutya 9: I want to be involved in the security of the place, the cleanliness, that the transport be made easy (sic), easy currency exchange and promote Pangasinan (sic).

Question for Vina Openiano: Who do you think is a role model for Filipinas?
Vina’s answer: Janine Tugonon because she brought honor to our country

Question for Koreen Medina: What defines a Filipino woman? Beauty, character or intelligence. Explain.
Answer of Mutya 21: Character. It shows how you were raised. The people around you. Your family is very important.

Question for Kristian Nolasco: How does a Filipina keep up with fast-changing times?
Kristian’s answer: Strength of character because it gives you substance, not just a pretty face.

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