Andi Eigenmann & Jake Ejercito Intramuros Tour (Photos)

Celebrity couple Jake Ejercito and Andi Eigenmann insisted for the past few weeks that they have not reconciled yet, but it seems that things are going well between them right now.

Jake Ejercito shared his experience touring the historical Intramuros, as posted on his blog, with celebrity tour guide and artist Carlos Celdran. Some photos of the tour embedded on his blog entry revealed that he was indeed with Andi Eigenmann.

The tour in Intramuros made by Ejercito showed how much he enjoyed and learned from the tour and there was no mention of Andi Eigenmann except the photos as evidence that they were together.

Jake Ejercito is the son of former President and current Manila Mayor Joseph Ejercito “Erap” Estrada. He was also linked closely to Andi Eigenmann.

Here’s some photos of Jake and Andi at Intramuros:

Jake Andi


Andi Eigenmann

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