Andi Eigenmann Denies Reconciliation with Jake Ejercito

Former Agua Bendita star Andi Eigenmann denied that she and her former boyfriend Jake Ejercito have reconciled through her official Twitter account on Friday after reports have already surfaced that they have reconciled.

Last November 2012, Andi confirmed through national television that she and Jake Ejercito had broken up. The separation was the outcome when the actress mother, Jaclyn Jose stated that the parents of Ejercito were against to their relationship.

Andi vehemently denied the issue that she went to London and met with Jake Ejercito. She stated that she used her own money and went to the UK and they never met since last year.

Here’s the series of tweets posted by Andi on her official Twitter Account:

  • “Why is everybody congratulating me for being inlove again.. I dont know abt this.hahaha”
  • “I get it, im not good enough for their son and maybe i never will be. And im not gonna force otherwise, cus i am better than this.”
  • “First of all, jake doesnt own london and jake isnt equal to london. I think its pretty obv i also jave my own earnings and can afford to”
  • “Can i just explain that theres no truth to the peoples (–foul word(s) removed–)umptions abt me going to london to get back w jake.”

Jake Ejercito Andi Eigenmann


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