DepEd Memo for Teachers & Personnel Uniform for 2013-2015

The Department of Education (DepEd) have already issuded DepEd Order Number 7 last February 2013 prescribing the new national uniforms for teachers and non-teaching personnel for the academic year 2013-2015.

According to DepEd all teachers and personnel will have wear two new uniforms consisting of two designs; the blouse and pants/skirts for female and polo jack/polo barong and pants for the male.

The first design shall be used on Monday and Wednesday while the second design is intended for Tuesday and Thursday while Friday will be the wash day for teachers and non-teaching personnel.

The Department of Education also confirmed that the teachers and non-teaching personnel shall receive the full amount of annual clothing and uniform allowance amounting to P5,000.00.

You can download the full memo of the DepEd below:

Here’s the full DepEd Memo on New Uniform Design & Schedule of Wearing the Uniforms.

DepEd Uniform

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