The reigning Miss Universe second runner-up Janine Tugonon promised to his boyfriend Jaypee Santos to be faithful with their relationship no matter how successful she is right now.

Miss Janine was interviewed by GMA News after her successful conquest of the  pageant becoming the second most beautiful woman in the universe. During the interview, both Janine and Jaypee were exchanging sweet messages.

According to Janine although her schedule will be more busier but his boyfriend Jaypee was used to it and even accompanied her in whatever events they will be attending to.

Jaypee was so thankful with all of Janine’s supporters and always believed that the center of their relationship is God and they were both Christians, so there’s nothing to worry about.

Janine Tugonon and his boyfriend Jaypee Santos have also celebrated their eight-month old relationship during the time of Janine’s announcement as the second runner-up. They will be celebrating not only the victory of Janine but also their monthsarry by the time Janine goes back to the Philippines.

Janine Tugonon and Jaypee Santos
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