Global Wellness & Self-Healing Company offering total enrichment to their customers

Global Wellness & Self-Healing Company, namely Empowered Products, is taking their products PINK and Gun-Oil mainstream. Now their products are offered in more than 21 000 retails outlets of the Big-3 U.S. drugstores.

“This expanding and direct connection with consumers requesting to experience our feel-good lubricant formulas is extremely valuable to increase the recognition of our PINK® and Gun-Oil® brands. I am absolutely confident that once we put our products in the hands of a consumer, we will have a customer for life, ” said Scott Fraser, president and CEO of Empowered Products.

The company is the leader in bringing sexual lubricants and libido-enhancing supplements to the mainstream retail sector and the two mentioned brands, feel-good lubricants, are their main products. PINK ( for women and Gun-Oil ( for men.

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