An intriguing news regarding one of the sexiest celebrities, Kim Kardashian who was locked behind bars! The good news is that it’s just for fun as she films Drop Dead Diva

The sexy-reality star looks gorgeous even inside a prison, with her false eyelashes, thick make-up and straightened hair, Kim Kardashian’s beauty’s captured the heart of his fans.

The 31-year-old reality star will be appearing in an upcoming episode of Drop Dead Diva reprises her role as a relationship guru Nikki LePree alongside talk show host Nancy Grace.

The character of Kim who played the role as the love interest of Ben Feldman’s alter ego friend Fred, went into business with Stacy, who was played by April Bowlby.

April Bowlby also played an important role in one of the most successful television show titled “Two and a Half Maen.”

Kim Kardashian, was considered as one of the most popular actress in television have been involved lately with different personalities in showbiz and one of them ended in a break-up. Currently the star was dating with Kanye West, one of the popular musician in the world today.

Meanwhile the sexy star, Kim Kardashian has landed a quick cameo in her rapper boyfriend Kanye West’s new video with DJ Khaled and Rick Ross.

Kim previously starred in Beyond the Break and had a guest role in CSI: NY.


Kim Kardashian in Drop Dead Diva Film

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