Author: flyff
Date: February 20, 2012
in: Entertainment
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Melason is back in PBB, the love story continues

Melason is back in PBB, the love story continues

It started with the Abs-cbn PBB plug stating that this week will be an exciting week for everyone because of an ex-housemate comeback.

It quoted as “M.I.B in PBB” that had started this week. Many thought that the abbreviation was meant for “Melai is Back in Pinoy Big Brother” but as the report said that Jason Francisco will also get into the house again. So therefore, M.I.B stands for “Melason Is Back”. The commercial plug did capture the twitter world and it trends worldwide.

As we can remember, last week at the talk show The Buzz, it was alleged that Melai and Jason split up due to some conflicts in their relationship. The news that Jason resigned from the tv show Banana Split that he and Melai were part of the show, many thought that there was really a big problem going on.

People talked about it. And to all the fans and supporters of Melason, it was really a big deal seeing the couple ending their relationship just like that.

And now, to the surprise of everyone the couple will live together again on the same house – in the Pinoy Big Brother House.  Is Big Brother trying to make the couple back together again? Well somehow, this is where they started their love story and everyone is hoping that it will not end in here too.

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