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Two regions in Somalia suffering famine declared by UN

Miilions of Citizen in Somalia Affected by Drought

Miilions of Citizen in Somalia Affected by Drought

Two regions in Southern part of Somalia particularly in Bakool and Lower Shabelle is now suffering a famine which has affected millions of its citizens.

According to United Nations this is one of the worst droughts that the region has experienced in the last 19 years.

Despite the several agencies deployed by the UN and the US to Somalia to help those who are suffering from drought, they are still asking for more protection to those groups guarding the two regions in order to assist more people in the country especially those who are in great need.

Some aid agencies are having a difficulty in helping the people of Somalia due to the limited access granted to them by the group Al-Shabab, an al-Qaeda affiliated group who are protecting and running the territory.

In the latest record of UN, more than 10 million people are affected in the two regions and others have already decided to leave and fly to its neighboring country like the Kenya and Ethiopia just to save themselves and families from this bad situation.

UN humanitarian co-ordinator for Somalia, Mark Bowden said that they are now making ways to collect more funds to be used in order to aid the drought that Somalia is now experiencing. UN is expecting that they will need a fund of 300 million Dollars to aid the country for the next two months; they are also worrying about the large number of deaths in the region caused by the said drought.

Authorities from the UN are now appealing to the first world countries to be involved and help in the situation of Southern Somalia.

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