Atlantis: NASA’s Final Space Shuttle Blast Off at Florida

Atlantis space shuttle launch
Atlantis: NASA’s final space shuttle mission.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) finally had the final mission of its space shuttle on Friday. Thousands of people had witnessed such significant event as the space shuttle called Atlantis successfully reached its orbit.

The mission took place in Florida siting Cape Canaveral and it was recognized to be the 135th and the last take-off of NASA’s space shuttle.

Atlantis blasted off the air making its way for a mission of 12 days with four veteran shuttle crews. The International Space Station will soon have the 3.5 tonnes of supplies that were carried by the (–foul word(s) removed–)igned crews of the shuttle.

When Atlantis finally comes back, NASA decides to end the thirty-year space shuttle program of America.

It was such a historical event as people flocked to see Atlantis up in the air. Some were even chanting for “USA” while others tearfully watched when the shuttle took its journey towards the space.

Some concerns were raised just before Atlantis had its last take-off. But worries regarding the possible storms never hindered NASA to give a “go” signal. It also happened that the launching of space shuttle was somewhat delayed when the vent arm had retracted.

There were those who came all the way from New York and merely brought with them their tents with some foods in order not to miss such important event that will be mark the history.

Here’s the historical video of the space shuttle called Atlantis known to be NASA’s final mission:


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