President Pnoy Porsche Sold for Security Reasons

Pnoy Porsche sold
Porsche 911 Turbo

The controversial 2007 Porsche luxury sport car was sold by President Pnoy to an undisclosed buyer last Tuesday, July 5, 2011 for security reasons. The Philippine President had purchased the white Porsche last year after selling his dark BMW. The sport car had caused media frenzy and became one of the reasons why his satisfactory ratings had dropped down.

In an ambushed interview on Tuesday during the 113th anniversary celebration of the Department of Foreign Affairs the President was quoted as saying ““It was putting an unnecessary risk for the people who are guarding me” referring to the Presidential Security Group.

The bachelor President further adds that, “So it was like an advertisement that hey, I am here. I am most vulnerable here so I just relegated it to the garage and it would deteriorate if it’s not used. So it’s like it was time to let somebody experience it also.” said the President.

When the President was asked further regarding the details of his sold Porsche he stated that “I hope that’s the last question on the car that is no longer in my possession.” said the President. He stated also that “I think I’ve answered enough questions on the car. Anything of more substance?”

The controversial luxury sport car was sold at the amount of 4.5 million pesos, the same value during his purchased. After his decision of selling the controversial sports car one of his critics had praised him for the decision made. The critics was retired Lingayen-Dagupan Archbishop Oscar Cruz.

The archbishop which stated that the President had made the right decision for selling the car. According to his critics, buying an expensive items although his own money had been used was not necessarily right.

The bachelor president was known to be a lover of sports car and expensive vehicles. During his travel on the provinces the President was used to be driving his car. According to Pnoy the white Porsche that he purchased was just on his garage for the past few months so he decided to sell it.

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