Sheriff Andres speaks not to file charges against Davao Mayor Sara Duterte

the punching lady mayorIt’s difficult to be trapped between colliding stones!

Same with what happened to the sheriff who was punched recently. Sheriff Abe Andres for performing the command tasked unto him to demolish houses in Davao City was in a crucial situation putting him and Davao Lady Mayor Sara Duterte in the top of the headlines in these past days.

As seen on pictures and recorded on video’s, due to refusal of her request to give the residence an excess of 2 hours before holding the demolition, Mayor Duterte had threw powerful punches to the sheriff giving him black eye.

The said incident had been the trending topics may it be on radio, television shows and even online forum wherein people take their stand whether to agree with the mayor’s action or to sympathize to the poor sheriff.

After all the exchange of ideas and words from different camps, finally, Sheriff Andres is out and had announced not to file any claim against Duterte.

Contrary to the spreading rumour that Andres had been hiding after the incident took place, he cleared that before the incident happened, he had already filed a leave of absence for three days to get some rest.

Sheriff Andres admitted that the controversy involving him and the lady mayor had caused too much pain in his family but he added that he had already explained the course of his duty and his family had already understand it.

All he wanted right now is to put an end to everything that had happened.

The controversial punching incident happened last Friday in Sitio Soliman, Brgy. Monteverde, Davao City.

Davao Regional Trial Court Sheriff Abe Andres is set to be back to duty on July 7. Meanwhile, despite his announcement that he will no longer file charges against the mayor, still the incident had drawn much attention from media and concerned in both the local and national government units.

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