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Davao City flash flood

Davao City flash flood June 2011

Another body was seen dead during the search and rescue operation conducted following the flash flood that happened last Tuesday at the Talomo district of Davao City in the Philippines.

The male corpse was believed to be at his mid-40’s. It was then noted that the recent body found by the searchers on Friday was counted to be the 30th victim who had died after the Davao flash flood.

Death toll in Davao City flash flood now reaches 30. Meanwhile, there is still one missing individual believed to be hardly seen alive.

While volunteers continue to seek for the missing victims, Mayor Sara Duterte of Davao City is currently making plans of providing the victims a certain relocation site emphasizing those who settle in along the river banks.

Almost 15,000 victims suffered from the said flash flood as the local authorities wanted to prioritize them so they will somehow be able to survive hunger.

The Davao City Mayor mentioned about a plan of relocating the affected victims as soon as possible.  Mayor Duterte requested the local city government to perform a housing census as a step of solving this matter.

She also (–foul word(s) removed–)ures the affected residents with a promise of helping them have a place for relocation.  Since it cannot be avoided that some of the victims were a mere informal settlers, the Mayor said that they will find ways to (–foul word(s) removed–)ist solving the problems with regards to the need of building their own houses.

Right before the flood swept the Talomo district, Mayor Duterte confirmed that Davao City was already facing a huge crisis in terms of the capability of their place to survive strong floods. In this case, she believes that heavy flash floods are anticipated to occur as rivers at some parts of the said city overflow easily.

However, the local government needs to further conduct a thorough study so as to recall the actions and spread awareness that is necessary to protect people against possible occurrence of flash floods. With this, the government plans to launch a flood-control project that is expected to require a huge budget.

Even the Vice President of the Philippines Jejomar Binay stressed that the said area he visited was really prone to the occurrence of floods. In this case, the government must seriously give precautions regarding this matter.

Given that the national government already agreed on the implementation of flood control programs, Binay conversed with the local leaders of Davao suggesting that affected residents should be relocated in a safer place.

For him, programs regarding flood control must be given serious attention not just in Davao but throughout the Philippines as well.


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