Mayor Sara Duterte Faces Consequence after Punching a Sheriff

Davao Mayor Sara Duterte
Davao Mayor Sara Duterte

After the controversial scene that happened in Davao between Mayor Sara Duterte punching a court sheriff in the city, Interior Secretary Jesse Robredo now said that Mayor Duterte might face consequence in her action and this might include a suspension or dismissal from public service.

According to Robredo, Malacañang is now forming a team that will investigate on what happened. Both sides will be given the chance to explain and defend their self. Witnesses in the scene will also take part in the investigation.

The team that will handle the case will be flying to Davao this Monday to gather the information needed to come up with a resolution.

Robredo added that the investigation will be fair and will undergo the normal process where there must be a complaint to be submitted in Malacañang before an investigation. Whatever the result is, it will be submitted to President Aquino.

In one of the interview to Robrebo, he said that they already have a hint on what happened but still investigation must first be conducted.

Earlier reports said that Mayor Sara Duterte punched the court sheriff after they have pursued the demolition of the houses, home to more than 500 families despite her request to reprieve for 2 hours the demolition to avoid any violence to arise.

On the other hand, Robredo expressed his sympathy to Duterte saying that her request to delay the demolition is in fact valid and the sheriff should have accepted it however he said that Duterte should have controlled her temper and settled the issue in a calm way.

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