Melissa Ricks and Jake Cuenca Breakup was confirmed as there’s no Third Party Involved

Melissa Ricks and Jake Cuenca
Melissa Ricks and Jake Cuenca

Rumors regarding the relationship of the young couple Melissa Ricks and Jake Cuenca spread all throughout the media within the past few weeks.

As much as possible, the young actress has tried to avoid making statements in front of cameras concerning the break up topic. But after her long silence, curiosity may now come to an end as Ricks finally confessed that their two-year relationship has ended.

Ricks revealed such confirmation when she was doing her endorsement for Cosmo Skin in SM Mall of Asia last May 26.

Jake Cuenca and Melissa Ricks, as a young couple, have been into a relationship for about two years.

In 2006, a romantic spark was said to gradually developed when Jake and Melissa worked together in the fantasy soap opera entitled “Pedro Penduko“.

Since May 10, Melissa was remembered to post some bitter statements via Twitter which brought many speculations that the young couple were taking tough times.

When the couple parted ways early March of this year, the young actress emphasized that there had been no third party involved concerning their break-up issue. She also tells that Jake is not supposed to face negative speculations because according to the actress, the hunk actor did not do anything wrong.

Despite their split up, Melissa and Jake face the media with statements full of hope that both of them will remain as good friends.

ABS-CBN reporters received a positive statement from Jake when he was about to leave for US for the international screening of the movie “In The Name of Love”. The actor stated that Melissa had been the “most supportive girlfriend”. He was also proud to say the Melissa is the best girlfriend he had.

Added to that, the grateful actor (–foul word(s) removed–)ures their fans that her former girlfriend Melissa Ricks will still have his support along with his love.


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