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10:54 AM May 17, 2011

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10:54 AM May 17, 2011

in: Motocross
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Maico Buncio

Maico Buncio the four-time national superbike champion

The fastest superbike rider of the country, Maico Buncio 22-year-old died afternoon on Sunday in a freak accident suffering fatal injuries from a motorbike crash a day before the ‘Time Trials in the Clark Field in Pampanga, Philippines.

The report said, Buncio was riding a very high speed and the unusual accident threw him off from his bike into the hard object damaging his internal organs that causes him his untimely death.

The racing organizers have cancelled the scheduled races at the ‘Clark International Speedway’ upon hearing the news about Buncio’s death. Colleagues and other enthusiast participants rendered a couple of time of silence in respect to the late motorbike champion.

In an interview with ‘’ regarding his preparation prior to his death, he was preparing for the coming event the ‘Asia Road Racing Championship’ SuperSports 600cc category as he was chosen as official representative of ‘Zuzuki Pilipinas’ team where Suzuki GSXR 600cc bike would be used in the competition.

Buncio was acknowledge of many as the fastest rider of two wheels and the country’s four-time national superbike champion that received title, the ‘Golden Wheel Awards’ Driver of the Year’ and even won many biggest titles in several local racing competition.

He started his racing career at the age of 3. His tempting enthusiast brought back the excitement in local motorsports racing. He broke the records in the 400cc superbike categories in Batangas Racing Circuit.

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