Justice Secretary Leila de Lima Nominated to be the Next Ombudsman

Justice Secretary Leila De Lima
Justice Secretary Leila De Lima nominated to be next Ombudsman

It has been announced that Justice Secretary Leila de Lima is one of the nominated to be the next Ombudsman filling in the position of Merceditas Gutierrez.
According to the one page letter coming from (–foul word(s) removed–)istant State Prosecutor Romeo Senson, he said that De Lima would be the best character to be the next ombudsman.
He also added that De Lima’s performance in the past showed an incorruptible stand, integrity beyond reproach and character per excellent in public service.
De Lima’s performance being the head of the Commission on Human Rights was also noted by Senson.
Being the CHR chief, De Lima had questioned Senson for arresting the 43 health workers who were accused as a member of the New People’s Army.

The 43 health workers were filed a case by Senson for violation of Presidential Decree 1866, as amended by Republic Act (RA) 8294 and RA 9516, the decree which imposes penalties for illegal possession of grenades and other explosives.

Senson also said that the health workers also violated the Commission on Elections Resolution 8714 in relation to Article 261 (q) of the Election Code, where in the resolution declares a ban for firearms during the election period.

However the 43 workers were released last December after DOJ south the withdrawal of the case.

De Lima being out from the DoJ will mean a great loss to the department. However, Senson defended that if she will be appointed as Ombudsman, this will be a big help for public interest.

Former ombudsman Gutierrez resigned last week after the impeachment case filed against her for allegations of inaction on graft cases. Included on the filed cases against her, are those with former president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.
The nomination for the next ombudsman was opened by Judicial and Bar Council and will end on May 16.

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