LET Exam Results (Sept. 2013) Alphabetical List of Passers (Secondary Level)


The Professional Regulations Commission (PRC) will release the results of the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) in the next few weeks, probably this third to fourth week of November 2013. Our site have already prepared the huge influx of visitors.

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The PRC released the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) on November 23, 2013. PRC announced that there are 25,755 passers in the Secondary Level out of 64,792 takers with a total of 39%.

The Alphabetical List of Passers in the Teachers Board Exam particularly in the Secondary Level will be listed here once available.

Alphabetical List of Passers (Sept. 2013 LET Exam Results)

Secondary Level:

Surnames   A  –  B  –  C  –  D

Surnames   E  –  F  –  G  –  H

Surnames   I  –  J  –  K  –  L

Surnames  M  –  N  –  O  –  P

Surnames  Q  –  R  –  S  –  T

Surnames  U  –  V  –  W  –  X  –  Y  –  Z

The PRC announced earlier that there are 128,083 examinees who took the Licensure Examination for Teachers in various testing centers nationwide.

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  1. everyone are very much excited to know if they pass the LET examination.. hoping for your success.. may the GOD pour you all the blessings.. for those who will fail don’t lose your hope.. God is always beside you.

  2. Everyone are very much excited to know if they pass the LET examination.. hoping for your success.. may the GOD pour us all the blessings..

  3. Many are desires of a man’s heart but it is God’s which prevails. I pray and hope alot of examiners will passed the teachers board exam including my husband. Lord, may you bless everyone of us who hope to pass and answer our prayers. Amen!

  4. Hopely mkpsa n sana k sa let lord kyo n p bhla sna ksma k sa list passers lord to lng p hiling k sa inyo pra sa mgulng k to……… mgdsal lng tyo lht dyn cxa nd tyo pbbyaan …………lht tyo ppsa

  5. Mama Mary this time sana po makapasa na po ako sa LET. Gusto ko na pong maging ganap na guro, tulad ni Jesus. Hindi lang po family ko ang ma22lungan ko pati po ang mga kabataang kailangang kalingain ng edukasyon. Pls. Lord grant my wish 4 this Christmas… I asked this through Christ our Lord, Amen…

    • It is impossible for everyone to pass! I know it is kind of nice to say but basically it is the reality! So have faith in God everyone! If you did your best from schooling to taking of the exam then God will do the rest! God bless everyone! Your Mama Mary won’t surely help you but God alone!

    • hahaixt… sana nga madaming maka pasa especially mga nandun sa tacloban…. daming nmatay na mga teachers:(( and tama dpat tlga ngaun plang my nka post na dealine na nga sa nov.29 pra sa mga repeaters:((( lampas na 45 days eh…..

      • Not yet 45 working days! The PRC estimated of the release of the exam result in 45 WORKING DAYS that means weekends are not included. Copy?

  6. Lord kyo n p bhla sna mkpsa n k sa let gnwa k n p lht sna nsa list of passers ang pngln k iaaly k lng p sa mgulng k p to pra. Mktulong dyn lng p kyo ……..lord bgy n p ninyo pra sa akn……… gud luck sa mga kmha papsa tyo lht pray lng sgot dyn .

  7. Lord sana po kasama s list ng passers ang name ko..matagal ko n po iniintay pagkkataon na ito..sana ipagkaloob nyo n po..salamat po..

  8. Mama Mary, sana po ibigay mo na sa akin ang pagkakataong ito na mkasama sa list of passers….You know how much i need to pass the let exam.I did my best to pass….sana po this time makapasa na ako…ikaw na po ang bahala sa lahat…salamat!!!

  9. We will just wait for the result. Don’t be so hot, as what the PRC said, Saturdays and Sundays are not included in the 45 days countdown. What is important now, keep on praying, for we all know God never sleeps, He will answer everything, if ever we fail now, then let us open our mind that everything is in the plan of God.

  10. If u count the days, the 45 days deadline for the result is on November 29… Tapos may mga holidays pa… Last filing na sa Nov 29 for repeaters… Do they really plan to not let the repeaters to file for the LET this January… Hayyy….

  11. when i hear this from a 23 year old guy (prc employee) say a word that really click and stayed in my mind, he said “IF YOU WANT TO BE A PROFESSIONAL WE MUST ACT LIKE A PROFESSIONAL”

    this words might be simple for him but for me and for the other’s who heard what he said, i think it would be a powerful word for us to think and realize what we do.

  12. I know God has a plan for everything…
    Keep all our trust in Him and He will lead us to success..

    Keep believing Kinakabahan na talaga ako..

  13. Lord maraming salamat po dahil ngayong taon naipagkaloob mo sa akin na maipasa ang bord exam..Sobrang hirap talaga ng exam..Thanks God answered prayer.To God be the Glory