September 2013 LET Exam Results Probable Release Date


The Professional Regulations Commission and the Professional Teachers Board will release the official results of the September 29, 2013 Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) or more popularly known as Teachers Board Exam. The list of passers, topnotchers, top performing schools and performance of schools will be release online around November 2013.

According to the records of the PRC a total of 128,083 took part in the September 2013 Teachers board exam conducted in one day in various cities and regional testing centers of the PRC.

The probable release date of the LET Exam Results for the September 2013 will be 30-45 working days since the last day of examinations, probably around the month of November in second or fourth weeks of the month.

During the September 2012 LET Exam, the results were officially release in 42 working days. A total of 25,136 passed the Elementary levels out of 50,997 examinees (49.29%). For the secondary levels there are 20,843 passers out of 47,892 examinees (43.50%) passing rate.

On March 2013 LET Exam, the results was released in just 27 working days after the last day of examination. There were 10,310 passers out of 37,117 examinees (27.78%) for the Elementary Levels. In the secondary levels 15,223 passed the exam out of 38,433 examinees (39.61%) passing rate.

Based upon the data above, the results of the LET Exam results were released based upon the data of the number of examinees. During the September 2012 exam there were 98,889 examinees while on March 2013 exam there were 75,550. The smaller the number of examinees the faster the exam results.

The LET Exam Results will be release probably this coming second to third week of November 2013.