MMFF 2012 Fifth Day Box Office Results Top Grossers


ABS-CBN’s movies continues to dominate the MMFF 2012 Box Office Results for the fifth consecutive day with Sisterakas and One More Try jockeying for the top spot although Sisterakas was way ahead against it’s competitors.

During the fourth day of Box Office Results, there were some doubt regarding the actual income by the movie Thy Womb, we are still contacting with our insiders in the MMFF regarding the issue.

Here’s the Four Days Income of MMFF 2012 Films:

Here’s the Fifth Day Box Office Returns of MMFF 2012 Movies:

MMFF 2012 Entry
4-Day Gross
5-day Gross
PHP 125.2 Million
PHP 158 Million
One More Try
PHP 68.7 Million
PHP 88.2 Million
Si Agimat, Si Enteng, at Si AKO
PHP 58.4 Million
PHP 66.9 Million
Shake Rattle and Roll
PHP 42.5 Million
PHP 55.6 Million
The Strangers
PHP 33.7 Million
PHP 45.7 Million
Sosy Problems
PHP 28.4 Million
PHP 32.6 Million
El Presidente
PHP 9.4 Million
PHP 12.5 Million
8.Thy Womb
Php 5.7 Million
PHP 7.8 Million is not the official tabulator of MMFF 2012, we will update this post as soon as official results will come out.

 MMFF 2012 Box Office Results Fifth



  1. THY WOMB is still a winner and victorious both in awards and box office…with that minimal budget of 2M, the producer is laughing all the way to the bank…..remember, it’s an indie film clashing with the mainstream movies…so who’s really the winner here? i guess ur guess is good as mine…bravo la aunor!

  2. Thy Womb the real box office hit, with 2M budget yielding 24M gross receipt in 5 days tubong lugaw na world class pa ang dating pati akting ni nora aunor ibang level. Kaya ang iba pilit pinapapullout ang thy
    womb para masabotahe kasi nga naman puro inggit pinaiiral! Wala pa dyan gross sa mga provinces!

  3. Its’ good na nakabawi ng konti ang Thy Womb. The truth is tinaas ang bayad sa mga sinehan kaya sobra ang kita ng mga producers now.

    Pero still we cannot erase the fact the THY WOMB is the kulelat being the last and least watched among MMFF entries.


  4. i think it doesn,t matter whether kumita or hindi ang thy womb,,because the movie gave us wonderful experience of watching local film but its attack is really world class, most especially their cinematography,