RPG Metanoia Games

RPG Metanoia Game
RPG Metanoia Game

With the success of RPG Metanoia Movie, everyone is now asking if there could be an RPG Metanoia Game.

Well, if the demand gets popular, it would be no doubt for the game to exist and be on the market soon. With the mass warmed welcome of the said Philippine pride movie, that was part of the annual Metro Manila Film Festival which was viewed last December 25, 2010, RPG Metanoia will surely hit again as it will reveal its game online.

3rd Best Picture:
RPG: Metanoia (Ambient Media & Star Cinema)

Best Theme Song:
“Kaya Ko” (RPG: Metanioa)

Best Sound Recording:
Super Inday and the Golden Bibe (Ditoy Aguila)
tied with RPG Metanoia (Ambient Media)

Gender Sensitive Award (special citation for animation):
RPG: Metanoia

The above lists were the awards taken by the movie RPG Metanoia, and this could only mean that some would eventually develop its game because of its fast recognition brought by the public.

The Filipino people has amazed with the movie, thinking that they can also create their own RPG movie brand. This is not actually the first time a Filipinos made this kind of movie. A lot of 3D animation is being made by Filipino but was not given the opportunity to broadcast their expertise.

If they can create game to foreign country I believe that this dream will be in the Philippines as well.

Filipinos are but respected artists, and it is no doubt to create a well acknowledge work if it speaks of the country’s culture. If RPG Metanoia game will exist, Filipinos won’t be afraid to flaunt their expertise and be known across the globe.



  1. The Filipinos are indeed showcasing their ingenuity, if we can make world-class animation work for the big names in Hollywood it just about time to do it here in the Philippines. Ronnie Del Carmen and Ricky Nierva are the two Fil-am animators who have made Filipinos proud in Hollywood. The movie entitled “UP” was nominated as Best Picture for the 2009 Academy Awards. They are part of Disney’s Pixar Team. Del Carmen was the Story Supervisor while Nierva leads the Production Design Team.

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