Andrew E shared the struggles he went through before making it big in showbiz

Rapper Andrew E recalled the time when he did several auditions including the one he did for That’s Entertainment and Coca-Cola.

Andrew was named as the first rapper in the Philippines. Through the years, his songs have reached every corner of the country and even the current generation is still familiar with the tracks he recorded.

Andrew E
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From the music scene, Andrew was also able to penetrate the movie scene. He also did TV shows in the past. With his success in the entertainment industry, Andrew looked back at his humble beginnings.

In a recent Toni Talks episode, the YouTube talk show of actress-host Toni Gonzaga, Andrew E recalled the time when he auditioned for That’s Entertainment. At that time, there was no rapper yet in the Philippines and just a few Filipino people knew about that genre of music.

He said that when Kuya Germs, German Moreno, asked what his talent was, he answered that he will just show it because he can’t sing, dance, or act. A few moments after he started rapping, Kuya Germs told Andrew to stop and the latter obliged and just sit in one corner.

The next showbiz aspirant who auditioned after Andrew was the beautiful Donita Rose who was also asked about her talent. Donita also said that she can’t sing, dance, and act. However, she passed the audition. Years later, Andrew shared this story with Donita and she laughed so hard upon knowing about this.

There was also a time when Andrew auditioned for a Coke commercial. When he asked the guard, he was told to go to third floor. When he reached the place, he saw a boardroom and as he entered, he immediately did his rap piece for Coca-Cola. Everyone in the boardroom was shocked and someone pressed the secret button to signal the security guards to take him away.

Watch the video.

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