Luis Manzano Shares How He Reacted To Basher’s “Suntukan” Challenge

Luis Manzano doesn’t mind the “asaran” with his bashers

Kapamilya actor-host Luis Manzano shared how he reacted to a basher who challenged him to a “suntukan”.

Luis is one of those celebrities who does not mind engaging with bashers online. On his social media accounts, he would really answer the negative reactions.

luis manzano
📷: Ogie Diaz YT channel

During a recent interview on the YouTube channel of comedian-talent manager Ogie Diaz, the actor-host said that answering his bashers is just a fun “asaran”. Luis said that he does not hold grudges against anyone.

The bashers that he is answering are those who have valid accounts and not just those made-up accounts for the purpose of “trolling.” “Sa akin, kahit ano’ng mga hirit yan, natatawa na lang ako,” he said adding that he is not the “bait-baitan” type.

For Luis Manzano, answering the means that he is amused. “Kapag sumasagot ako, gusto ko makipag-asaran sa’yo,” the actor-host said. Then, he revealed that there were those who challenged him to a fist fight. There was one time when he saw that the basher also has a big built, he said, “sige, kung gusto mo magpapawis tayo.”

Luis said that he intended to meet that basher and he even set the time and venue of their meeting. He stressed that he was serious and he waited for the basher and even showed that he was already in the venue. However, the guy did not arrive.

The actor-host shared that the guy reasoned out that he was outside. “Ay, nasa loob ka pala. Nasa labas lang ako nag-aantay,” Luis shared what the guy told him. To prove that he has nothing personal against the basher, Luis Manzano said that he even invited the guy to eat or drink with him after their “suntukan.”

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