Isko Moreno Presidential Candidacy: Ralph Recto, Vilma Santos Support

isko moreno ralph recto vilma santos

Isko Moreno receives support from Ralph Recto and Vilma Santos Senate President Pro-Tempore Ralph Recto and his wife House Deputy Speaker Vilma-Santos Recto expressed their support for the presidential candidacy of Manila Mayor Isko Moreno. On Wednesday, September 22, the Mayor who is fondly called Yorme, announced that he will be running for President in … Read more

Isko Moreno on Presidency: ‘Mauna na kayo, atat kayo eh’

isko moreno

Here’s the recent statement of Isko Moreno regarding the possibility of running for president Manila Mayor Isko Moreno has this answer when asked if he will run for the highest political position in the Philippines in the 2022 elections. For several months now, the name of the former That’s Entertainment member has become one of … Read more