Kind-Hearted Hairstylist Gives Free Haircut to Less-Fortunate People

Kind-Hearted Hairstylist

Kind-Hearted Hairstylist Shows Kindness to Less-Fortunate People by Giving Free Haircut A kind-hearted hairstylist earns praises from the online community after giving a free haircut to the less-fortunate people. A Facebook user named Marko Bustarde has shared the video footage of himself giving a free haircut to the less-fortunate and homeless people along the street. … Read more

Kind Motorist Gives Free Haircut for Homeless People

Kind Motorist

Kind Motorist Earns Praises Online After Giving Free Haircut and Other Charity Works for Homeless People A kind motorist identified as John Mart Carballo gives a free haircut and free medical advice as well for the homeless people. John Mart Carballo, a 30-year-old nurse from the Philippine Army General Hospital gives a free haircut to … Read more