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Dilemma in Tagalog – English to Tagalog Translation


What is Dilemma in Tagalog? DILEMMA IN TAGALOG – There are several Filipino words that do not have a direct translation in English, that’s why we need context to fully translate them. In this article, we are going to learn about the Tagalog translation of this word based on context. Dilemma is a situation in […] Read more

Life Cycle Of A Human – Stages Of A Human Life Cycle

Life Cycle Of A Human

What are the stages of a life cycle of a human? Check it out below! LIFE CYCLE OF A HUMAN – These are the stages of how a person grows from the womb to being an adult until he reaches old age. Life itself has various stages and what do you think is the most […] Read more

Vin Diesel Shared His Unforgettable Experience in the Philippines

Vin Diesel Unforgettable Experience in the Philippines Foreign national and Hollywood action actor Vin Diesel shared his alleged unforgettable experience in the Philippines. Recently, a Hollywood action star stated that he will never forget the Philippines. His film Fast & Furious 6 premiered in the Philippines in May 2013, and his time there was unforgettable. […] Read more

Vivo V23e 5G Full Specifications, Features, Price In Philippines

Vivo V23e 5G specs

Here’s The Complete List of Specifications, Features, & Price of the Vivo V23e 5G The Vivo V23e 5G was officially announced on November 23, 2021, and released on December 1, 2021. The 5G-ready smartphone is available in two colors: Moonlight Shadow and Sunshine Coast. It is powered by Li-Po 4050 mAh battery (non-removable) + fast […] Read more

Mga Bansa Sa Asya At Ang Kabisera (Alamin Dito)

Mga Bansa Sa Asya At Ang Kabisera

Ang ibat-ibang mga bansa sa Asya at ang kabisera ng bawat isa. MGA BANSA SA ASYA – Ito ang listahan ng mga bansa na nasa Silangan, Timog-Silangan, Timog, Hilaga, at Gitna ng Asya. Ang pinakamalaking kontinente sa mundo ay ang Asya. At dahil ito ang pinakamalaking kontinente, ito rinang may pinakamalaking populasyon ng tao. Ang […] Read more

ABS-CBN Writer Called Villar’s Media Company as “Capalmella Channel”

“Capalmella Channel” Dubbed to Manny Villar Media Company An ABS-CBN writer called the media company of the billionaire Manny Villar as the “Capalmella Channel” after owning the channel. Jerry Gracio, an award-winning ABS-CBN writer and a member of the ‘Kapamilya ng Manggagawang Pilipino’ partylist, reprimanded Villar’s media enterprise. This came when they were given ownership […] Read more

Elderly Vendor Airs Frustration After Scammed by Heartless Customers

Elderly Vendor

Elderly Vendor Airs Sentiments After Victimized by Scammers “Pagod na ako tapos nanakawan niyo pa ako” An elderly vendor has expressed his frustration after scammed by heartless customers for a couple of times. Despite the old age and poor health condition, an elderly vendor is roaming around Project 8 in Quezon City selling eggs using […] Read more

Xian Lim’s mom shares a story about his basketball stint when he was young

xian lim mary anne lim

The mom of Xian Lim shared this throwback photo Mary Anne Lim, the mother of Kapuso actor Xian Lim, shared this story about his basketball stint when he was a young boy. The mother of the celebrity posted a throwback photo on Instagram and based on her caption it was taken during the nursery graduation […] Read more

Katangian Ng Populasyon Sa Asya: Ano-ano ang mga ito?

Katangian Ng Populasyon Sa Asya

Ano-ano ang mga katangian ng populasyon sa Asya? Alamin dito. KATANGIAN NG POPULASYON SA ASYA – Ang Asya ay isang malakign kontinente at ito ang mga katangian ng populasyon dito. Ang kontinente ng Asya ay ang pinakamalaki sa mundo. Ang Asya ang may pinakamalaking bahagdan ng populasyon, lawak, at sakop. Ito ay may sukat na […] Read more

Nikko Natividad Lambast Basher After Allegedly Calling Him “Kolboy”

Nikko Natividad Slams Basher Who Allegedly Called Him “Kolboy” Former Hashtag member Nikko Natividad slammed a basher on her social media account who called him “kolboy” (callboy). Actress and former Hashtags member is known for her raunchy quips and memes on social media, which are a hit with internet users. Some of his messages appear […] Read more