Funny Reaction Of Netizen Over Martial Law Goes Viral

martial law

A video of a man with regards to the Martial Law went viral and hooked the attention of the online community. MARTIAL LAW – The video of a guy with a funny reaction about the recently declared Martial Law of the president in the entirety of Mindanao went viral. The above stated video was posted … Read more

LOOK! Top 10 Pinoy Celebrity Who Are Allegedly Gays


A Youtube Channel has spotted 10 celebrities who are allegedly gays. GAYS – Indeed, there are a lot of handsome actors in the entertainment industry who make every girls scream but allegedly some of them are gays, find out who are they! According to the video posted and shared by the Youtube Channel Dalton Channel, … Read more

Korina Sanchez Opens Up About Her Love For Dogs

korina sanchez

The veteran reporter Korina Sanchez opens up about her love and passion for dogs. KORINA SANCHEZ – The reporter opens up a foundation that will shelter stray animals who were neglected and suffers abuse. According to the news report of the Inquirer, the reporter hosted a luncheon on May 22 at the The Pierre Hotel that … Read more