VIDEO: Heart Evangelista’s Secrets To Beautiful Online Content

Heart Evangelista Discloses Secrets To Stunning Online Content

HEART EVANGELISTA – Kapuso actress and fashion icon Heart Evangelista revealed her secrets to creating beautiful online content.

Actress Heart Evangelista is a well-known global icon of style and fashion. She also produces a lot of content, most notably successful Instagram Reels. Heart is actively involved in the development and conceptualization of her posts, in addition to being the focal point of her material and having a team that is supportive.

Heart revealed some of her techniques for producing beautiful online content in an exclusive clip from her most recent “I AM Heart” series episode on YouTube, which she recently released on Instagram.

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Heart Evangelista mentioned that she is “dead serious” about making her Reels, enjoying both fashion and content creation equally. To achieve the quality she desires, she meticulously plans her content.

“I would already sketch a board, I grew up with filmmakers and commercial agencies, and I would always be presented with what I was gonna do through a board, a storyboard,” she explained.

She emphasized the importance of early music planning, as the tone of the reel is influenced by the music, the brand’s vibe, and her mood that day. Not planning the music early would stress her out.

“I wanted to be nostalgic, I’m 39. There are just so many music that just clicks! Like a certain memory or certain scent that I want to kind of incorporate with the Reel,” she said.

Heart Evangelista revealed that she plans the music well in advance, sometimes one or two months ahead.

Heart collaborates with celebrity photographer and videographer Edward Berthlot, describing their working relationship as “funny” and passionate, likening themselves to “artists on fire.”

They occasionally have arguments due to language barriers while planning content, but once she sketches the boards, Edward understands her vision precisely, including movement, transitions, and the exact timing for the music.

“Usually, I would just send him the board and he would know what I’d mean, right exactly what I wanted, where the music would start, exactly what time. I loved it.” she added.

Watch Heart’s full vlog here:

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