Heartbreaking Video of OFW Leaving Family at Airport Goes Viral: “Hindi na sila lumilingon”

Heartbreaking Video of OFW Entering Airport Without Looking Back at her Family Touches Many Hearts

The heartbreaking video of a Pinay OFW leaving her family at the airport went viral and elicited reactions from the netizens.

An Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) is a term used to describe Filipino citizens who are employed in countries outside the Philippines. These workers often leave their home country to seek better employment opportunities, higher wages, and improved living conditions for their families.

The decision to work abroad is usually driven by economic necessity and the desire to provide financial support to their relatives back home. Despite the benefits, working abroad comes with its own set of challenges and sacrifices.


OFWs often face emotional hardships due to prolonged separation from their families, cultural and language barriers, and sometimes difficult working conditions.

Recently, ‘ornursejm’ or JM Abines, a TikTok user, shared a video of an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) leaving for work abroad. The woman entered the airport without looking back at her family who came to see her off.

In the video, a woman pushes her luggage as she walks into the airport. What’s notable is that she doesn’t turn around or even wave goodbye to her family members who accompanied her to the airport.

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Many people felt a connection to the video, as it represents a common and emotional experience for Filipino families with loved ones working abroad.

The video shows the difficult reality faced by many OFWs and their families. Leaving one’s home country to work overseas is often a challenging decision, driven by the need to provide a better life for family members left behind.

The video’s caption reads, “Totoo nga na hindi na sila lumilingon kapag papasok na sa airport,” The simple statement seems to have touched many viewers who have experience with family members working overseas.

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