Cindy Miranda Shares Experience Working In Movie Directed By Xian Lim

Cindy Miranda stars in a movie directed by Xian Lim

Actress Cindy Miranda shared her experience filming the movie Kuman Thong in Thailand directed by Kapuso actor Xian Lim.

In recent years, Xian ventured into directing and writing. He was the one who directed and wrote the horror film Kuman Thong starring Cindy Miranda. This was shot in Thailand and his girlfriend Iris Lee was the one who produced it.

In a previous interview, Cindy shared her experience working with Xian as a director. She said that it was easy working with him, unlike the previous issue about the alleged working attitude of the Kapuso actor.

Xian Lim

Cindy Miranda also shared that even though at the time Xian Lim and Iris Lee would have creative differences as director and producer, in general, their shoot went well.

However, during the press presentation of this movie, Xian was not able to attend. Based on the article in PEP, when Cindy was asked about the director’s absence, she just said, “Baka may prior commitment.”

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It was said that members of the press were wondering why Xian was not able to attend this event to promote the movie he directed.

Meanwhile, shared what they experienced during the shoot. She said that it was too hot in Thailand while they were filming and they even heard reports of fatalities because of the heat.

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They filmed in a typical Thai house and it was too hot. It was uncomfortable but as an actor, she had to do her job with professionalism. There was also a language barrier. It was just her Thai co-star Max Nattapong who speaks English and this was one of the challenging things for her.

Another challenging thing was the limited time that they had. They had to shoot the scenes at a fast pace. “Lahat ng scenes namin, lahat almost take one and we didn’t have a choice. So, dapat naka-actor’s cue ka,” she shared.

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