Carmina Villarroel Shows Off Hogwarts Toy Castle She Built

Carmina Villarroel Proudly Displays Hogwarts Castle She Built in a Week

CARMINA VILLARROEL – Kapuso actress and host Carmina Villarroel showed off the Hogwarts toy castle she built in a week.

Carmina Villaroel is a well-known Filipina actress, television host, and model. She began her career in the entertainment industry at a young age, debuting in the late 1980s. She has since become a prominent figure in Filipino show business.

Carmina is well-known for her roles in numerous TV series and soap operas. She has appeared in popular shows like “Recuerdo de Amor,” “Esperanza,” “May Bukas Pa,” and “Darna.” Throughout her career, Carmina has received several awards for her acting, highlighting her talent and versatility.

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Aside from acting, Carmina Villaroel is a successful television host. She has hosted various TV programs and talk shows, including “Showbiz Inside Report,” “Morning Girls,” and “Mars Pa More.”

She was previously married to actor Rustom Padilla (now known as BB Gandanghari). The marriage was annulled in 2002.

She is now married to actor Zoren Legaspi. They have twins, Cassandra (Cassy) and Maverick (Mavy), born in 2001. Their relationship has been a staple in Philippine showbiz, admired by many for their enduring partnership.

 Her successful career spans over three decades, during which she has contributed significantly to television, film, and entertainment. She is celebrated not only for her professional achievements but also for her dedication to her family and her ability to balance her career with her personal life.

Carmina Villarroel is ecstatic after sharing online that she completed her latest Lego project. In her Instagram post on June 19, the veteran actress announced she had finished building a Lego Hogwarts Castle containing over 6,000 pieces.

A quick check on the Lego website shows this set costs $469.99 or Php 27,654.

Carmina mentioned it took her about a week to complete the castle, “Hi guys! Finally, I’m done! With the castle, look! Siguro parang mga one week ko yata ito ginawa, pero hindi siya 24 hours. As in parang mga six or seven hours a day, I think.”

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