Caregiver Inherits 5 Properties in Beijing Worth Million Dollars from Old Chinese Man

Court Favors Caregiver Who Took Care of Old Man over His Sister on Inheritance

CAREGIVER – A carer inherited five (5) properties from an old Chinese man with no family that he took care of.

Not everyone grows old with a family. There are individuals who grew old without a spouse and children. In this cases, while some have siblings, what usually happens is that the siblings also have their families to take care of. This is the case of the old Chinese man named Ruan.

Caregiver and Old Man
Photo: Baidu

The life story of Ruan was picked up by several media outlet. According to an article of Beijing Evening News, he was born in 1930 and grew old without a spouse and children. He had a younger sister but she married early.

Ruan lost his parents at an early age. As he was aging, he felt that he was alone in the world. He was 81 years old when he realized that he is struggling to take care of himself. Then, he realized that the situation will be much harder for him in the next years.

Ruan and Liu's Granddaughter
Photo: Baidu

The sister of Ruan rarely visited him as she was also busy with her own family. He asked for the help of the local village committee who recommended Liu. He took care of the old Chinese man under an agreement that his caregiver will inherit his properties in the village.

Part of their deal was that Liu will take care of Ruan until his death and the old Chinese man maintains a high living standard. The caregiver showed dedication in taking care of the old man.

Based on an article on SCMP, Liu’s family was also invited in the house of Ruan so he does not anymore have to go home. His whole family also got close to the old Chinese man and they helped in taking care of him.

Last October 2023, Ruan died. Seven months before he passed away, the old Chinese man received a compensation for the demotion done on his 800-square-meter home in the village where he was residing as the place will be used in a new development.

Ruan received five properties in Beijing worth million Dollars as compensation. The sister of the old Chinese man contested to have his properties but the court favored his caregiver. The villagers witnessed that was Liu who took care of the old man. It was also found out that his sister rarely visited him during his old age.

Liu would often prepare hard boiled egg and milk for Ruan every morning. He also cooked porridge, stew, and other food for the old man.

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