Arnold Clavio — Here’s Update on News Anchor’s Condition after Hemorrhagic Stroke

Veteran News Anchor Arnold Clavio Needs To Undergo Therapy after Stroke

ARNOLD CLAVIO – The veteran news anchor took to social media updates about his condition after suffering from hemorrhagic stroke.

One of the health conditions that are considered a traitor is stroke. It can happen anytime and anywhere — even at the time that a person least expects it. It can be mild or severe and may have varying results which is usually paralysis or, worst, death of the patient. Last June 11, 2024, Arnold experienced hemorrhagic stroke.

Arnold Clavio
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Arnold Clavio was driving when he suffered from hemorrhagic stroke. He previously detailed that he felt the numbness in his arms and feet that he can no longer feel his feet pushing on the car pedal. The veteran news achor stopped by a gas station to check on himself.

After seeing that there was no deformities in his facial appearance, the veteran news anchor drove carefully to the nearest hospital. He was diagnosed with hemorrhagic stroke and was confined for treatment.

Stroke Arnold Clavio
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It has been several days now since Arnold suffered from hemorrhagic stroke. Based on his health update posted on his social media account, the veteran news anchor has to undergo rehabilitation and therapy.

According to Igan, three (3) days after had stroke, the medical team of St. Luke’s Medical Center from Acute Stroke Unit decided to transfer him to a regular hospital room. His cardiologist said that “the worst is over” regarding his condition. However, his neurologist said that he has to undergo rest for six weeks as well as rehabilitation and therapy for his strength and normal movement to be back.

Arnold Clavio has started with his therapy. Among the body parts that are exercised are his arms, hand, thighs, and feet. Because of the bleeding in the left side of his brain, the right side of his body is weak. On his first attempts, he still had no balance and was feeling groggy.

Arnold Clavio Health Update
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Furthermore, his blood pressure and sugar level had to be dropped to prevent another stroke to happen. The affected part of the brain of the veteran news anchor is his thalamus which is responsible in transmitting motor and sensory signals to the cerebral cortex. It also controls sleep and alertness.

Meanwhile, based on his post, Arnold Clavio is confident that he will overcome the health challenge with the help of God and the prayers of everyone who prays for his recovery. Prayers overflowed for Igan and many await his comeback to his shows and programs at his best shape.

Therapy Arnold Clavio
Screengrabbed from Instagram/@akosiigan

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