Christian Bables Dog — Actor Posts Heartfelt Letter for Furbaby Who Died

CHRISTIAN BABLES DOG – The actor who is mourning the death of his beloved dog wrote a heartfelt letter for his furbaby, Hope.

Losing a furbaby is one of the most devastating things that can happen to a dog parent. That is why Christian Bables is deeply mourning the death of his dog named Hope whom he considers his child.

Christian Bables Loses Beloved Dog “Hope”, Pens Heartfelt Letter

Beloved Dog of Actor Christian Bables Named “Hope” Dies

CHRISTIAN BABLES – The actor penned a heartfelt letter for his beloved dog named Hope who recently passed away.

Undeniably, among the many kinds of animals, one of those that is preferred by most people to have at home is the dog. It is know for its loyalty to its humans and the loving and genuine companionship it offers despite its very short lifespan. In the Philippines, Christian is one of the fur parents.

Christian Bables
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“Fur parent” is the term used to address people who love dogs. They treat dogs like their very own children. They provide for their everyday needs, make sure they have time to bond with their dogs, bring them to regular veterinary check-ups, and a lot more.

However, while having a dog is sure to bring you many happy days of your life, it can also bring one of the saddest moment a dog-loving person can experience — the loss of a dog. That is what recently happened to Christian Bables.

Christian Bables, Dog Hope
Photo Credit: Christian Bables

Christian Bables lost his dog named Hope. It is not the first time that the actor lost his furbaby but, visibly, to fur parents, each dog is special and losing one brings the same amount of grief and sadness.

Christian wants to give his dog the most excellent service for the last time. He availed the services of a pet crematorium but, unfortunately, Christian Bables was visibly disappointed by the services of pet crematorium Haven of Angels Memorial Chapels & Crematorium that he demanded for a public apology.

The pet crematorium apologized to Christian Bables and the actor accepted the apology. Recently, on social media, he penned a heartfelt letter to his beloved dog, Hope. In his message for his beloved dog, the actor stated that the dog being a big part of his heart is both a blessing and a curse.

According to him, the seven years that he was with Hope were truly a blessing. He recalled his special moments with his beloved dog as well as the great love that Hope had for him while he was achieving his dreams.

Christian Bables said it is also a curse as he does not know until when he will carry the pain of losing Hope. He stressed that it is the same pain that he felt when he lost his other dogs and it feels like it is tearing his heart apart.

Meanwhile, Christian stressed that the love he has for his dogs was never wasterd and he is happy that he poured his love on them. He is hoping and praying that he will see all his dogs who passed away one day. Here’s the actor’s heartfelt post:

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